Land Management Pigs at Dunlossit Estate

What is it with pigs, they roll around in the mud looking dirty, they are not nice and furry like rabbits or kittens but still they are very adorable animals. There are people who keep them as pet and in the old days many families had one on their land. Pigs are clever and very clean animals. Rolling in the mud is usually done to protect them from sunburn and parasites. And besides being funny and cute they serve a purpose in land management as well, at least they do at Dunlossit Estate.

When I wrote about the happy Dunlossit pigs some time ago I also mentioned an article about pigs and land management at Dunlossit. Chloë Randall, Estate Manager of Dunlossit Estate, is the author of the article and she gave me permission to publish it on the Islayinfo website. I think this new page proves to be very useful for visitors, specially when you consider pigs aren't native to Islay. They serve a very useful purpose in controlling brackeninfested parts of land and help transforming it to heather and grass lands.

When I first saw the pigs on Islay I wondered why they were there and I'm sure others will do too. I'm therefore happy that the new page, with lots of information and pictures, is ready for everyone to read. Use the following link to access the Pigs at Dunlossit Estate Page. Enjoy!

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