Visiting Young People Invited For Local Activities

It's nice to see that my wee "Islay is great for families" initiative receives a good follow up. In the next weeks I will post a detailed schedule of activities for young people on Islay this summer and today I've received news from the local youth group "Islay & Jura Youth Action". They are organising a lot of activities this summer as well and they specifically invite visiting children to attend some of the local events to interact with the local youth. This is a great opportunity for all, there is so much they can learn from each other and they group feels it will help to broaden their horizons to some extent.

There is a good range of activities and some have already started this month. There is Drama Factory with Lynn MacIntyre, Dancing with Paula Davidson, Performing Arts, Film Making, Horse Riding and two beach BBQ and fun days and all that in the period of June to September.

For more information or to book a place, please contact the group by e-mail on or phone 07831 854786. There is also a Facebook Page with updates and info. The PDF schedule for this summer can be downloaded here

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