Islay Jura Toy Library Moved to the Square

Islay and Jura Toy Library has moved to bigger and better premises in Islay House Square. After occupying a small office in ICCI for the last five years, Toy Library Coordinator, Kirsten MacLellan is delighted with the new space which provides a much brighter, more welcoming and far more practical workspace and playgroup setting.

The Toy Library is a charity which allows members to borrow children’s books, toys and equipment such as car seats, high chairs, travel cots and pushchairs. The new, larger space means that parents will be able to browse what is available to borrow far easier, and Kirsten’s job will be less difficult as she will now have the space to organise the equipment in a way that the previous small space would not allow. The Toy Library also runs playgroup sessions several times a week, which will now be held in the new premises in Islay House Square, meaning Kirsten no longer has to lug huge boxes of toys in and out of the van to take them to various locations every week. Continue reading

Kirsten, and Toy Library Chairperson, Marion McGregor, showed the Ileach around the new home of the Toy Library this week and the excitement and enthusiasm oozed from both of them. Kirsten has spent all week transferring items from ICCI to what was formerly ‘The White Room’, and has roped in her husband Alasdair to help on more than one occasion, and they’re not finished yet. There are shelves to go up for storage, decorations and wall hangings to be hung and artistic Marion has a very ambitious paint job planned.

It is clear that Kirsten and Marion are working very hard to create a fun, cosy and comfortable place for parents, grandparents and children to come and play, chat and relax. There is also an outdoor area that requires some work but will be ready for use next year, meaning that playgroups can be held outdoors if the weather permits. Annual memberships are a very reasonable £10.

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published with kind permission of the Ileach