Islay and Jura Gaelic place names

A book launch of a joint production on Islay and Jura Gaelic place names in the Gaelic in the Landscape series from SNH and Ainmean-Aite na h-Alba took place at Ionad Chaluim Chille ÃŒle, Bowmore, on Saturday 28th October. Everyone involved in local research for the book was invited, as welll as all those interested in Gaelic in the landscape, and fifty people attended the event.

Emily Edwards introduced the booklet for SNH, and Jacob King and Michelle Cotter Manaidsear Pròiseict / Project Managers at Ainmean Àite na h-Alba at Sabhal Mòr Ostaig and authors of the book gave short explanations of how the local research and recording were carried out in the islands. Lynn MacDonald of Iomairt Ghaidlig Ile & Diura mentioned the booklet’s relevance locally and the extended interest in the project, such as the workshop sessions held with Islay High School pupils during the school’s ‘Gaelic Days’ last May. Stewart Shaw of SNH Islay spoke about the Islay and Jura landscapes and wildlife, which are illustrated throughout the book. Continue reading...

Islay and Jura’s Gaelic place-names are alive with descriptions of the local plants and wildlife, people’s activities on the land and at sea, and in some cases they immortalise colourful local characters or events. In this book, members of the community have shared their precious and intimate knowledge of the islands which has been passed down, in Gaelic, over generations.

Tha ainmean-àite Gàidhlig Ìle agus Dhiùra loma-làn de dh’ainmean lusan is fiadh-bheatha ionadail. Tha iad cuideachd a’ toirt iomradh air na h-obraichean san robh daoine an sàs air tìr is aig fairge, agus uaireannan tha iad a’ cumail air ar teangaidhean ainmean charactairean sònraichte ionadail nach maireann. Airson an leabhair seo thug muinntir an àite dhuinn an t-eòlas mionaideach, prìseil a th’ aca air na h-eileanan seo, eòlas a thugadh sa Ghàidhlig bho ghinealach gu ginealach.

The 54 page book is available free to download or hard copies are available at SHN offices. The complete Gaelic place names data which local researchers have collected is available to view/listen in ICCI’s Gaelic library in Bowmore.

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