Islay & Jura Distillery Tour Times PDF

The new Islay and Jura Distillery Tour Times Leaflet for 2019 has been published and is now available as download on the Islay Blog and for viewing online from all the Distillery Pages on Islay Info. New in this year's leaflet are the tour times for Ardnahoe Distillery, as well as info on Nerabus Gin Ltd and Lussa Gin on the Isle of Jura.

The Distillery Tour Times leaflet is typically the thing you need at hand when you are doing distillery tours on Islay and Jura as it has all information about:

  • Opening Hours of all the whisky and gin distilleries on Islay and Jura
  • Overview of the Special Distillery Tours
  • Info on prices of Tours and Tastings
  • A section with general info on eating out and public transport

With this in your pocket, or on your tablet or smartphone, you always know where to get a dram, public transport or a bite to eat! Continue reading...

Same as in recent years there is an ongoing trend to increase the number of special tours. Most distilleries now offer special warehouse tours, premium tastings, manager's tours, walks to water sources and other variations on the standard and extended tour. All great opportunities to see more of the distillery and its people than with the regular tours, which are already great.

Another word of advice is to always try and book your tours in advance, both regular and special, to prevent disappointment. At busier times even the regular tours can easily be fully booked for the entire day! And speaking about booking, during busier times you might want to make a reservation for a restaurant as well.

The Leaflet can be downloaded here. Paper copies are available in the Tourist Info Office in Bowmore, distilleries and other places on the island.

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