Islay and Jura Distillery Tour Times Leaflet 2015

It's that time of year again for the new Distillery Tour Times Leaflet for 2015. Usually it's published early April but this year it's somewhat late, but it has a lot more information than usual. We went from two to six pages and besides all the important distillery tour times, special tours, contact information and visitor centre opening hours it also contains info about Bus and Taxi services, just in case you had a few dram too many. And if you need sobering up a bit after your distillery visits you can also find places where you can eat or stop for a coffee, providing you're still able to read the fine print! This leaflet not only contains info about Islay's eight distilleries but it's also useful when you visit the Isle of Jura Distillery.

Same as in recent years there is an ongoing trend to increase the number of special tours. Most distilleries now offer special warehouse tours, premium tastings, manager's tours, walks to water sources and other variations on the standard and extended tour. All great opportunities to see more of the distillery and its people than with the regular tours, which are already great.

Needless to say It is therefore even more recommended than before to take a (digital) copy with you when you visit Islay and/or Jura. Most folk nowadays have smartphones or tablets and what better information can you take with you as a whisky enthusiast than the new digital leaflet. And for those who prefer the smell of ink and paper it's good to know that you can pick up a printed copy of the leaflet in the Tourist Information Office in Bowmore and on other places on the island.

Another word of advice is to always try and book your tours in advance, both regular and special, to prevent disappointment. At busier times even the regular tours can easily be booked for the entire day!

Download the 2015 Tour Leaflet [PDF]

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