Islay and Jura Cycling Travel Story

This particular topic of Islay blogging is usually more than excellently covered by mr washingmachinepost and I don't think I will ever be able to fill up all the pixels on your screen the way brian does, but in his absence (brian is on holiday this week) I thought I'd give it a try. The reason for doing this is because I am very keen on cycling myself and also because I found a very interesting Islay and Jura related cycling story which might interest you. The article I'd like to point out is written by Warren Sanders and is titled: "A circular route Jura, Islay and the mainland by bike and fast ferry." I very much like the idea of making a circular cycling trip from the mainland to include Jura and Islay and I admire Esther and Warren for doing so. It wouldn't surprise me if they were the first ones to do this and I'm sure they won't be the last. Let's hope the Jura Passenger Ferry will continue to make future trips like this possible for others as well. A quote from their website:

Warren: "The plan is simple you can start at Tayvallich with this fast ferry, go to Jura and cycle up its one and only road ( stunning, and as ever on these occasions epic indeed ) and then turn back to the ferry terminal to Islay. So right there you have done almost 40 miles, you could have turned left and gone straight to the terminal at the cost to you of only 8 miles but you would have missed so much. The ferry to Islay from here is very regular so you do not need to do much fretting about times and can just stand, watch and wait as it starts out pointing way off to the left or right to cope with the speed of the flow between the islands. It may be a short distance but his would be a challenging and perhaps suicidal swim. The person on the ferry at this point will assume that you are using the return part of a round trip ticket, so already in the confusion you have sort of made money. Onwards now up the hardest hill on Islay, a cat 2 out of the ferry terminal. This is the point where we sort out the truly hard men. It should be possible in theory, if you work the timetables to your advantage, to ride across the island to Port Ellen and close that loop in one day. You may be the first ever to do this so it would command bragging rights and it is there for the taking (a sort of cycling first ascent). We had the comfort of a night with the Hastings family and were going to take two days." You can continue reading about Esther and Warren's circular cycling trip on The Sportswool Diaries

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