Islay and Jura Cycling Leaflet PDF Download

Download the Islay and Jura cycling LeafletTo make your life as a cyclist on Islay a bit easier, and to know in advance what you can expect besides a stunning island, brian palmer created a colourful cycling leaflet that applies to both Islay and Jura. Brian, Islay's cycling authority, did this in cooperation with the Argyll and Bute council and the paper leaflets are available since May this year. From now on there is also an electronic version of the cycling leaflet, ready to download when you click on the image (right).

The cycling leaflet gives some very practical and necessary tips for your cycling trip or holiday. To read the leaflet including the interesting cycling tours and map please download the PDF (right click on image - select save as...). In this article I will stick to the digest read:

  • Remember: You may be on holiday, but other traffic may not - please consider others and give way where practical.
  • Islay’s roads are relatively safe from traffic, but please consider wearing a helmet
  • On single track roads, use Passing Places to allow motorised traffic to pass.
  • Please do not ride more than two abreast where traffic conditions dictate. Move to single file on narrower roads if necessary.
  • Approach livestock on the roads with caution - make sure they know you are there.
  • On single track roads cycle on the outside of blind corners - oncoming traffic will see you earlier. Bright clothing always helps.
  • If you’re reading this on Islay or Jura, it’s probably too late, but make sure your bicycle is mechanically sound before you leave home. And carry spare cables, tubes and spokes. Oh, and a pump.
  • It’s windy over here, but the sunsets are great.

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