Jog Leader Jim Lutomski of Port Ellen

A nice Islay related article appeared on the Jog Scotland website. As some of you know Jim Lutomski, participant in the annual Islay half marathon, started a succesful jogging group in Port Ellen and in the process he and his group got national press attention when an article was published on the website. Regular readers and visitors of Islay have probably heard of Jim Lutomski, I have written about Jim one year ago, and I have met him and his wife in person a couple of months ago. Jim Lutomski is a gifted artist, he repairs bikes in Port Ellen at Columba Hall and now he is involved in a jogging group. Below a quote from the article on the JogScotland website:

The jogscotland group on the Isle of Islay in Port Ellen are bursting with energy and enthusiasm for jogscotland. Each week sees the group attract another brand new person with numbers sitting roughly around ten at the moment. At least three of the joggers are taking part in the ‘Run For Life’ event and a couple of the women, Clare and Caroline are building their confidence with a view to possibly entering the Islay Half Marathon. In due course it is hoped that the shy men of the Island might even get involved. Lastly, a big shout out for the three winners of the outstanding courage awards: Mairi for picking herself up after slightly over doing things, Frances for having a go at jogging for the first time in yonks and Clare for the most dramatic change in lifestyle. We here at jogscotland would also like to give a big round of applause to Jog Leader Jim, who has achieved so much in such a short amount of time, well done Jim!

As soon as the 'shy men' in Port Ellen change their minds they can contact Jim by sending him an email at

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