Islay Jazz Festival Pictures

Mark Unsworth of Islay Studios visited a concert at the Islay Jazz Festival which is held this weekend, took some pictures and sent the following information. Mark: "I went to the concert staged in the filling store at Bunnahabhain Distillery. Leading was the legendary Brazillian born but Scottish based base player Mario Caribe. As this is the tenth year of the festival the idea was for Mario to start the concert with just the percussionist and as the the concert moved on would add various musicians until the finale when there would be ten musicians on stage (one for each year). Mario also holds the distinction along with Islay based Brian Palmer as the only musicians to have played at all ten festivals.

Sheena Swanson (left) and brian palmer (right)

One part of this concert was a piece played with Brian and another islander Sheena Swanson with a Billy Holiday song, see pic. The other pics show trumpeter Colin Steele entertaining the packed audience (estimated at around 200) and also the final line up for the finale, unfortunately two band members are obscured by the front line." Continue reading....

The crowd at the Bunnahabhain filling store

The Finale....

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