Islay Jazz Festival 2010 Report and Pictures

Tonight I have a first report from brian palmer of this year's Jazz Festival, which is one of the best so far according to brian: "All the gigs have been very well attended, the music has been stunningly good, at least at the gigs I have attended. This could be the best one yet, though that's an entirely subjective remark because my memory isn't anything like it used to be. Perhaps this one has just been the most consistently brilliant."

Phil Bancroft, tenor saxophone, Colin Steele, trumpet, Mario Caribe, bass and Zoe Rahman, piano

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"lagavulin have pulled out all the stops, providing beautifully printed little books about lagavulin and Caol Ila distilleries, imprinted specifically for the jazz festival. There have been representatives at every gig handing out free drams in Islay jazz festival etched whisky glasses which have been taken back to lagavulin every evening and washed before next day's gigs, and those handing out the freebies have worn islay jazz festival embroidered jerseys. All the banners placed at each gig have also been specifically made for the jazz festival. I think the marketing returns are likely to be very good. The sound production at each gig by Alan Martin pa has been exemplary, and all the musicians I've spoken to (a lot), are having a ball. Sheena and I played bruichladdich on friday eve, with Paul Harrison, piano, Andy Sharkey double bass, and me on drums. Brilliant fun and very well received (prior to the Violet Leighton band) assembly direct have had many of the gigs professionally filmed for a promo video which will be on youtube eventually. If you can't wait for the video it's interesting to know that Mario Caribe has a new album out entitled 'hands on' and Colin Steele has a new album entitled 'stramash' with a few titles that reference Islay."

John Burgess quartet

Violet Leighton Band

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