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Islay Info Android App for Smartphones and Tablets

A little over a year ago saw the first Islay Info app in the Android Market, now Google Play. The app provided the latest news from the blog and other Islay websites. The App combined several Islay Info newsfeeds into one stream with the possibility to "star" items for later reading. Individual items in the stream could be shared via the connected social media platforms available from your phone. The app also included a search option to find the locally stored articles. I must admit that the app was more popular than anticipated. In 16 months time the app has been downloaded more than 1,000 times which is great, therefore time for further development.

Today I have released a newer version of the same app and there are quite a few new and interesting features. There is now support for every Android Smartphone and Tablet out there. There is a sliding menu with more options, which is in line with most other mobile apps, and there is an integrated Facebook section where you can see all the posts from the Islay Info Facebook page. The new app comes with a built in browser which provides a better user experience and the layout has been changed entirely. What remains unchanged are the same features as before - the latest pictures from the Islay Pictures Photo Blog, the latest news and whisky related articles on the Islay Info website and Blog and frequent tips to get the most out of your Islay visit such as tips for nice beaches, distillery visits, sites to see and walks to make. All posts can be downloaded entirely and starred for later (offline) reading. You can download the Islay Info App in the Google Play Store as of today. Unfortunately I have no iPhone or iPad app available at the moment. It is something which is high on my To-Do list so I hope to have it ready within six months from now.

Scottish Whisky News Another similar app which might interest you is the Scottish Whisky News App which provides hourly updates from a number of leading whisky websites in the world. This app also supports all Android Phones and Tablets. Please leave your reviews or ratings in the Google Play Store, thanks!

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