Claudio's Islay Images March 2010

Tonight an old fashioned picture blog. Claudio Riva, webmaster of, active member of the “Slow Food” movement, Italian and Islay enthusiast sent me images from his trip to Islay, in the first week of March. Besides beautiful wintry scenes there is a touch of spring in his images and you can see the progress on a couple of building projects such as the almost completed exterior of the Islay Hotel and the new silo's at Port Ellen Maltings. Claudio sent many more images which I will post later.

Snow on the Paps of Jura

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Ice on Loch Indaal seen from the Pier at Bruichladdich

A touch of spring - Snowdrops at Bridgend

Islay Hotel Progress

New Silo's at Port Ellen Maltings

Ardbeg's Festive Committee bottling Label - Rollercoaster

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