Islay Holiday with Kids

I have yet to experience it myself how it's like to holiday on Islay with a kid and I can't wait before we take off and spend almost the entire month of May on Islay. From what I have read, heard and seen though I think Islay is a great destination when you are holidaying with kids. Where else do you find lonely white sandy beaches and nature and wildlife in abundance? And enough distilleries to keep father happy as well? Right, that's Islay! It was Lennox Morrison who wrote about her childhood holidays on Islay. Also the new Islay Festival website has a section for the wee ones, which has to be completed yet, but that will happen soon. There are also plenty of videos on Youtube that show what a great time you can have with your family on Islay. I want to show you one of these videos tonight which is titled Islay Summer 09 part 1. Where there is part one (below) there is part two, which can be seen on Islay TV. Enjoy!

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