Back from our Islay Holiday

Our three week holiday on Islay has ended last Saturday and it was gone in a flash, well so it seems. Time went so incredibly fast which can only mean we had a wonderful time on the island. We missed out doing some of the things we really wanted to do and even didn't see some of the people we wanted to see. On the other hand we managed to do things we didn't do before such as a visit to the neighbouring island of Colonsay which was great. Travelling around with a two year old is not always easy but fortunately our daughter loves the sea and the beaches and there is plenty of that on Islay which makes the island ideal for children.

Lossit Bay bathing in sunshine

The weather was mixed and in general very unlike the usual weather we experience in the month of May. The first week was gorgeous with warm and sunny weather. The second week was changeable with beautiful clear spells, great cloudformations and sometimes heavy showers. The third week started miserable with two days of almost continuous rain but it became better and sunnier later in the week. The big difference however from other years was the wind. Almost every day had quite a bit of wind and I guess the weather was gradually building up for the big finale last Monday when winter showed its teeth bringing force 11 winds, but by then we were home already.

Beautiful clouds over the Paps of Jura and Heatherhouse

During our three weeks on Islay I took around 3,000 pictures which will gradually, not all of them of course, be displayed here on the blog, on the Islay Pictures Photo Blog and in the Islay Pictures Gallery. During our holiday I've already posted many pictures on my Islay holiday Blog.

Waves seen from the viewpoint at Port Wemyss

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