Islay - No Tropical Paradise but Heaven on Earth

I'd like to point out two articles tonight which I found in the last couple of days. The first one is an article in the Scotsman about a new online venture where visitors of Scottish places/attractions can leave there comments and reports on a website called bagging-scotland. A bit like Trip Advisor but with a focus on the things that make Scotland special and not the focus on accommodation: "The online venture, which its creators predict will "save Scottish tourism", will urge people to go on holiday to collect visits to everything from islands, whisky distilleries, beaches and historic monuments to mountains, pubs and journeys." Now I normally wouldn't write about this initiative if it wasn't for the fact that both Islay and Jura get a mention in this article. The Scotsman gave their "ten of the best places to bag in Scotland" and Kilchoman Distillery was selected as nr 10 on the list while Barnhill on Jura was nr 8 on the list. I personally wasn't too impressed with the list although Pennan in Aberdeenshire, known from Local Hero, is a must when you visit Scotland, and so are Islay and Jura of course. I'll leave the other seven for you to discover and hope that Bagging Scotland will become a success!

The second article is titled Paradise is made of Sand and appeared on Malcolm Mejin's Blog. In it he writes about the seventeen most irresistable islands in the world and you guessed it right, according to Malcolm (and us) Islay is one of them. Islay appears next to far away destinations such as the Seychelles, Virgin Islands, Tanzania and other beautiful paradise like islands. Malcom writes about Islay: "If you happen to be a fan of both islands and Scotch whisky, Islay will seem like heaven on Earth. The Scottish enclave, 25 miles north of the Irish coast, is renowned for the single malts produced in eight distilleries around the island. And while it’s not exactly a tropical paradise, it still has more than a dozen sandy beaches and breathtaking coastal cliffs and enjoys a climate milder than that of mainland Scotland." Aye to that!

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