Islay Harbours in the Old Days

When Mark Reynier sent me an old image of Bruichladdich Pier today my thoughts were going back to the early 1900s. What a wonderful time it must have been and so much busier, in a nice way, than it is nowadays, or am I being too nostalgic again? Back then, running a distillery and shipping the whisky to the mainland was very labour intensive and involved many people, much more than today. In the early 1900s the roads were used by horses and carriages and all the supplies to, and whisky from the distilleries on Islay, were transported over the sea. The harbours played an important role back then and each distillery had its own pier, most of them are still visible today and they remind us of times gone by.

I often think how great it would be if you could travel back in time and to have a wee look to see how it was back then. The best alternative to actually travelling back in time however is to read about it and to look at old photographs and postcards, and that is what I did this afternoon. I found a couple of old Islay Postcards depicting harbours in the early 1900s which I've posted below, the first image of Bruichladdich Pier is the one Mark sent me, thanks very much! In the image Mark sent me you can also see the Paddle Steamer Islay III, the one I wrote about earlier.

Bruichladdich Pier - image courtesy of Mark Reynier - Bruichladdich Distillery

Mail Steamer at Port Askaig

Port Ellen Pier

Bowmore Harbour

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