Islay Geese-orama

You might think that trying to capture thousands of geese in one picture is an easy task with so many of them on Islay. Well, it proved to be a bit harder than I thought. When I was over a couple of weeks ago I probably took hundreds of geese pictures but I needed a big size panorama picture, consisting of 15 separate images all stitched together, to show the massive numbers of geese. It's not the best image I made so far, the light was rather difficult for a good panorama, but the image shows the huge number of geese at the head of Loch Indaal. Also the geese weren't exactly modelling for me and therefore some of them were moving away while I was taking the picture. This gives an interesting shadow effect in some places. The pictures were taken from the wee parking place just before Bridgend opposite the Islay Estates office. I hope you like the new panorama picture, it will be fully revealed once you have clicked on the wee preview below!

Loch Indaal Panorama with Geese
Geese at Loch Indaal Panorama (click on image)

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