Islay Gaelic Ring

November last year I posted the Gaelic Rings video which showed images from each of the six Gaelic rings or journeys in the west of Scotland. From each of the Gaelic rings is a separate video and tonight I will show you the Islay Gaelic Ring, the journey from Kennacraig to Islay, Colonsay and Oban and the road journey back to Kennacraig. The video shows some of the most beautiful places in Argyll, Earra Ghaidheal in Gaelic. The journey is so very well described by Iseabail and Margaret Mactaggart: "Earra Ghaidheal is an extraordinary kingdom. It is beautiful in its own green, lush, damp way; it is rich in wildlife; Continue reading....

it has a unique Gaelic culture intertwined with that of its Irish cousins and, of course, it is home to some of the best known whiskies in the world. But best of all perhaps, is its almost secret, magnificent history, utterly unexplored, utterly unexploited. Argyll is the home of some of the most resonant symbols of Gaeldom, including Dun Add, the stronghold of Dalriada – the Kingdom of the original Scots; Finlaggan – The Council of the Lords of The Isles; and the incredible Kilmartin Glen, stuffed with ancient archaeological sites. So welcome – surrender yourself to the charm of these crumbling structures, dense, green lands and scattered islands." This video, same as the first one I posted, is also complimented with very nice music from Runrig, a Scottish folk band. Enjoy!

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