Islay Gaelic Choir Videos

After all the (whisky related) festival news and great videos about the open days of Islay's distilleries it's time to focus on two other videos from the Ileach. The first video is shot during the festival and show Còisir Ghàidhlig Ìle, the Islay Gaelic Choir, during their performance at Lagavulin Distillery Open Day. The second video, also from the Gaelic Choir, is from the homecoming concert in April. During the Islay festival the choir, conducted by Iseabail Mactaggart, were present at Lagavulin distillery, the Gaelic college Bowmore and at the homecoming parade, it must have been a busy week for them. On the choir's website you can read more about their concerts during the latest festival week. There have been a lot of updates on the choir's website since I last wrote about it so I can recommend a (return) visit to the Gaelic Choir website. For now enjoy the videos:

Còisir Ghàidhlig Ìle at Lagavulin from ileach newspaper on Vimeo.

Islay Gaelic Choir from ileach newspaper on Vimeo.

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