Islay from a selfmade aeroplane

You might wonder what a man from Ayrshire and a selfmade aeroplane have to do with Islay. I found an article today on the website from Largs and Millport News about a man from Ayrshire who built himself an aeroplane, took off from Prestwick and eventually landed on, from what I can see, Islay airport. This is what he said: "I have been flying the plane over Islay and recorded some footage from the air. I am originally an artist and I thought it would be good to record a visual record of the flight. I managed to replace the landing light with a little camera. It was a complicated old plane and I spent 15 years working on it in my shed and garden. I used to repair old motorbikes and vintage cars but I had always wanted to do something similar with a plane." When I had a look at the video I recognised the Machrie Hotel from the air as well as the low road from Port Ellen to Bowmore and the peat banks on the right of the road, all this before the plane descents and lands on Islay airport. The footage is perhaps different than usually because the wee camera is attached on the belly of the airplane looking directly down. Enjoy!

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