Islay Fly Fishing Video

Now that the Finlaggan Ferry is safely on route and the first impressions and pictures are published online it's time to start focussing on all the other good stuff Islay has to offer. One of the activities that draw visitors to Islay is trout fishing. Islay has a good number of lochs, both easily accessible and remote, where you can try and catch the "brownies". One of the people that have visited Islay for many years now is Brian Turner, aka the Islay Fisher. I know from Brian that he's coming back to Islay in a week or so. There are a few other people I already mentioned earlier here on the blog, they are David Wood and Glen Pointon. I wrote about them in my fishing adventures. Apparently David, Glen and a few others were on Islay in May and together they have created a nice video titled "Fly Fishing For Trout In Islay Scotland" or "living the dream" as they say in the description. Below is their very enjoyable video.

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