The Islay Flag

In all my naivity I questioned in the forum a while back, it was November 2007 to be precise, why Islay doesn't have its own flag. Of course it was naive of me to even think about something like that because Islay is part of the Argyll and Bute council and this council doesn't even have an official flag itself so why would Islay have one. Around that same date however someone asked me this same question by email. Perhaps that triggered my scribbles in he forum, I don't know, after all it's almost four years ago.

The person who sent me an email back then was Brian O'Neill from New Zealand. Brian's mother was born in Port Wemyss and he spent many summers as a child and many more as an adult in Islay, hence his keen interest in Islay and also in an Islay flag. In January this year Brian contacted me again and asked if anyone had made the effort to create an Islay Flag and he also asked around but the response was negative. This was reason enough for Brian to have an (unofficial) Islay flag made at a local flag maker and came up with a very nice design, the seal of Islay and the Isles on a blue background. The flag size is 1370mmx685mm, a normal size flag.

I can imagine that some of you are interested in an Islay Flag, it's a rather unique item and although not official, it can be a nice symbol to display at festivities etc. If you're interested you can contact Brian O'Neill by email: Prices are not yet available, this all depends on the amount of flags Brian has to order, so the more interest the better the price!

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