Islay Fishing Adventures by David and Glen

I found a new fishing related blog yesterday by Glen Pointon and at the same time David Wood from the Angling and Dramming Blog sent me an email to mention his latest blog post, hence the title Islay Fishing Adventures. So far Brian Turners' website was the main fishing website I mentioned here on this blog. By the way, Brian's website has moved and can now be found at Back to David and Glen. I wrote about David Wood earlier in a blog post titled Bunnahabhain Independent Bottling. After reading David's latest blog post I found out that he and Glen are good friends. David stayed for the week with Peter and Iain and Glen accompanied them only for a couple of days. They had a great time on Islay and I can't think of better way to promote Islay as fishing destination than by reading their blog posts.

I will start with David's whereabouts. David wrote a comprehensive account of the first three days of his trip, Friday to Monday, and there will be more so stay tuned. The introduction of his post says it all: "I'm just back from the best angling trip I've ever embarked upon. It was the best angling trip for a number of reasons.... the weather was stunning, the food was great, the wine and whisky flowed, the company couldn't have been better and the scenery, as is always the case with the Isle of Islay in the Hebrides, was nothing short of utterly breathtaking.....oh....and the fish were up for it too. Continue reading.....

When Glen arrived on Sunday and headed to the river Laggan he wrote the following: "At the head of a pool we saw a huge salmon come leaping right out the water, a sight that makes any fisherman's mouth water!! We were due to fish here on the next day(Monday) so we made our way back to our digs, this Island is so nice, miles away from the hustle and bustle i live in, Woody kept waving at everyone who drove past who also returned a smile and a wave, i started to realise that this is what everyone does on this Island, i am used to people shouting abuse and giving me the V sign back home!!"

Later that day they went fishing on Loch Gorm and David wrote on his blog when they left: "We headed home in the dark, put a huge fire in and had a dram or two. Glen was clearly impressed with the whole experience and we ate his fish fried in garlic and bacon and served up with the half dozen pollock that Peter had caught off the rocks earlier and a dram.. perfect". Glen wrote the following about that same evening: "We headed off back to our digs at dusk and got stuck into fresh Pollock that Peter had caught in the sea earlier in the day. This bloke was also a top cook!! A few beers for me, Woody on the Whisky and Peter smashed on the wine!! I was loving it already!!"

Both David and Glen promised to write more about their Islay fishing adventures so prepare for a return visit to their blogs. David's blog can be found at and for Glen's blog visit

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