Islay Festival Whisky Themed Art Exhibition

Whisky for Girls (& Guys!) are hosting a Whisky Theme Art Exhibition in the Gaelic College, Bowmore. The exhibition runs from 18 May – Sat 8 June as part of the Feis Ile celebrations. It is open when the college is open. The exhibition features work from six great artists. Each artist interprets the Islay world of whisky and distilleries in their own very distinct way.

Ernie Button from Phoenix, Arizona is Art from the Bottom of Your Glass! He takes photographs of the dried film of whisky left in your glass, puts coloured lights on them and the images created are like beautiful planets floating in space. Dietmar Finger from Germany designed James Bond’s motor bike in Tomorrow Never Dies, now he paints beautifully coloured pictures of Islay distilleries and villages and exhibits them at the Whisky for Girls (& Guys!) Art Exhibition.

Miss Whisky Distilleries herself, Jane Taylor from Bridgend, has created a distinct look and a graphic imagery to portray Islay’s distilleries ~ no old fashioned ‘shortbread box’ feel here. Her images are clean, blocked colours, fresh; and reminiscent of old Russian work poster of the past. Ultimately stylish! Konrad Borkowski from Jura is a great photographer with a sweeping eye and a technical perfection in his work. His photograph of snow covered casks at Ardbeg is one of the iconic distillery images of recent years. This print is available to buy at the exhibition. Continue reading....

Heather Scott, originally of Ardbeg, and now with her own glass studio in Edinbugh has created a wonderful stained glass panel. The panel depicts a dram of whisky being poured from a bottle with a view of the land and seascapes of Islay in the background. Many different pieces of glass are used to create the textures and materials in this panel. It is a very powerful and unusual piece of work. Philip Gray, maltman at Bowmore Distillery is a photographer with a quirky eye. His image of a Sparrow sitting on the edge of a cask was the first piece to be sold at the exhibition. His atmospheric photograph of the old tools used in distillery work, and his insider shot in a warehouse are imaginative and different.

This exhibition turns the notion of Whisky as Art on its head; here we have Art from Whisky ~ literally in the work of Ernie Button! Come along to the ICCI ~ the Gaelic College between 18 May – 8 June. Entrance is free. There is a small café open during the weekdays so you can have cup of coffee whilst you enjoy the art work. The artists will be at the exhibition when it is possible for them. They will chat about their work and sign any prints or originals you purchase. We look forward to welcoming you to the Whisky for Girls (& Guys!) Art Exhibition for the Feis Ile.

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