Islay Festival of the Sea Impressions

Today was the second day of Islay's Festival of the Sea at Port Ellen. The main event was "Colmcille Rowing Challenge", a race organised by the Foyle Rowing Club in Moville, County Donegal. Rowing teams from Moville and from Islay raced from Port Ellen to Moville, a distance of 44 miles, in traditional coastal rowing boats. Besides the rowing boat race there were a lot of other activities. One of the activities was a "toss the creel competition", an introduction to sailing and the new chef of the Islay hotel was present to cook some nice dishes. All in all a great and sunny day enjoyed by many! Below are the pictures Vanessa and James sent me this afternoon:

Toss the creel competition

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Kids on the water

Gavin Miller, Sous Chef Islay hotel

Cooking a nice dish

The results


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