Islay Festival - Feis Ile - Programme 2009

May is festival month on Islay and hopefully the weather will be as pleasant as previous years and not only on Sunday. The festival will officially start on Saturday 23rd of May with a disco and will end on 30 May. If you can't wait that long for the festivities and want to get a wee taste of things to come you can also visit the Spirit of the West festival at Inveraray Castle where you can find all your favourite Islay Distilleries and others that are part of Whisky Coast. For more info and a programma of the Spirit of the West Festival visit

Here is the 'official festival weather forecast' for the last week of May (source BBC monthly outlook). The pressure pattern for this period is indeterminate, there is no favoured outcome although there is some signal for high pressure to move in from the south at times. At the moment, rainfall, sunshine amounts and temperatures look normal although it could get quite warm in the north. Fingers crossed :-)

Brewery Open Day 2007

Below is a list of events for the Islay Festival of Malt and Music (Feis Ile) 2009. These events can be subject to change. Always check with the Official Festival Website for the latest updates and changes.

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23 MayFestival DiscoFirst day of the Festival10pm - 1am
23 MayLagavulin Distillery Open DayOpen dayall day
23 MayArt Exhibitionopen for the week of the Feis Ileall week
24 MayGrand OpeningFriends of Laphroaig Museum8pm
24 MayClootie Dumpling CeilidhAt Bruichladdich Hall8pm - 1am
24 MayBruichladdich DistilleryOpen dayall day
25 MayWhisky Tasting CeilidhAt The Ramsay Hall, Port Ellen7.30pm-1am
25 MayCaol IlaOpen Dayall day
26 MayPort Ellen MaltingsTours1.30pm
26 MayCeilidhAt Laphroaig Distillery8pm - 1am
26 MayLaphroaig DistilleryOpen Dayall day
27 MayGaelic song and Traditional MusicGaelic College, Bowmore8pm
27 MayIslay AlesOpen Dayafternoon
27 MayBowmore DistilleryOpen Dayall day
28 MayHomecoming 2009 ParadeA day of Homecoming Celebrations
28 MayKilchoman DistilleryOpen Dayall day
28 MayJura DistilleryOpen Dayall day
29 MayRSPB Black Grouse Walkat the Gruinart RSPB Reserve1pm
29 MayFamily CeilidhAt The Ramsay Hall, Port Ellen7pm - 12am
29 MayBunnahabhain DistilleryOpen Dayall day
30 MayFinal FlingAt The Ramsay Hall, Port Ellen10pm-1am
30 MayFeis Ile 2009 Celebrationson the Vilage green, Port Ellen3pm
30 MayArdbeg DistilleryOpen Dayall day

Ceilidh at Bruichladdich Open Day

Source: Official Festival Website

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