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Yesterday we had a witch blogging live from Islay during the Feis Ile and today I found another blog with daily updates about the festival. It's a whisky blog called which is run by Joel and Neil. Their main focus is the tasting of Islay's fine malts and to recover from the many drams they walk some of the pleasant and always quiet beaches on Islay. So far they have been to most distilleries on Islay. Time for a few quotes:

Day 3: "Awoke on the farm at 8am and decided to blow the cobwebs of travelling away with a brisk costal walk around Loch Gruinart before heading over the Bruichladdich Open Day. When we arrived, there was already a fantastic village fete atmosphere in their sundrenched courtyard. Word is that the Bruichladdich Open Days, along with that of Ardbeg, attract a fair few locals which has the knock-on effect of creating a pleasant, community atmosphere which was enhanced by a pipe band, freshly cooked scallops (again!) and various local craftwork stalls." On their fourth day they made attempts to buy a special bottling of Port Ellen: "Feis Ile Day Four: Mission (almost) Impossible: Your mission today, should you choose to accept it, is to acquire a bottle of Port Ellen - 1981 - Official Festival Release, available from 9am at Caol Ila Distillery. A special note of congratulations goes to the Swiss gent (who bore a striking resemblance to the great Ronnie Corbett) on being the first through the door. His sacrifice- arriving at the distillery at 8pm the previous evening!!! Mission accomplished; we left with beaming faces for a warming shower and some breakfast, each cradling a bottle of Special Release Port Ellen.

I already heard from Mark Unsworth about this special bottling of Port Ellen Whisky and the queue of potential buyers that started the day before. Not strange that people showed up in large numbers since there isn't much stock of Port Ellen malt whisky available anymore and a price of £99.99 seems very reasonable. It's good to see more and more visitors blogging live from Islay due to more and more accommodations having WIFI, and this is another interesting blog to follow. (If you take a close look at their pictures you will spot a familiar Ileach on one of them). There will probably be a lot more blogs covering the festival in the next few weeks, and I will try to write more about them whenever I find a new one.

The queue at Caol Ila Distillery - Image Islay Studios

The Port Ellen Special Festival Bottling - Image Mark Unsworth of Islay Studios

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