Islay Ferry User Group

Paul Graham of An Taigh Osda sent me information regarding the possible formation of the Islay Ferry User Group. Such a group existed some time ago and you can find these groups in other parts of Scotland too. I know of a Clyde and Kintyre ferry user group and I'm sure there will be others as well. Below is an extract from an e-mail from Fay Harris to Paul Graham of Islay & Jura Tourism & Marketing Group:

Islay Ferry Hebridean Isles

"Fay Harris, Regional Manager (Islay and Kintyre) CalMac Ferries Ltd. There will be a meeting on Thursday 22nd September at 11am, Bridgend Hotel, with a view to discussing how the formation of an Islay Ferry User Group could be established on the Island once again. Phil Preston (MD of CalMac Ferries) and David Cannon (PR Manager) will also attend.

"An approach has already been made through the NFU (National Farming Union), Islay & Jura Tourism & Marketing Group, Jura Community Council, Islay Community Council, Hauliers, Distilleries and various other users. If you feel you have an interest please feel free to come along."

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