An Islay Farmland Walk to Balole Farmhouse

Large parts of Islay consist of farmland and that's particularly the case in the area around Bridgend and Ballygrant. Today we went for a walk on the Islay Estate on a track we haven't been to before, in glorious weather I must add. We started from the main road near Newton House, between Bridgend and Ballygrant, and walked on the track to Skerrols House and Scarrabus Farm. Just before the track turns left to Scarrabus Farm after 1,5 miles from the mainroad, the main track heads right and ended for us after a mile at the remote Balole Farmhouse where we had a bite to eat and headed back home.

The entire walk is in between beautiful farmland and offers stunning views over the central part of Islay and the Paps of Jura. Many smaller and larger birds can be seen as well as plenty of geese in the wintertime which graze the fertile grasslands. See the route here on my Strava map and there is a new high res panorama image with a view from the walk

Alternative walks
If you pass the gate at Balole Farmhouse you can continue on the track to Loch Cam or take a detour further north-east to Ballimartin and eventually end up again on the main road a few miles further north from where you started.

Another alternative is to park at the Woollen Mill and walk north-east through the woodland until you end up on the main road between Bridgend and Ballygrant. Across the road slightly to your right is another track which leads directly to Scarrabus Farm.

The end of the track at Balole Farmhouse

The Paps of Jura from the track to Balole Farmhouse

Scarrabus Farm

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