Islay is a Great Family Destination

I'm not sure wether it's the stunning Hebrides documentary BBC aired earlier, the increasing popularity of the whisky festival and Islay or another unknown reason, but last month the visitor numbers to the website were 20% up compared to earlier this year and 30% up compared to last year. Almost 75,000 distinct visitors saw almost half a million pages, an all time high. Most visitors came from the UK followed by the US, Germany, Sweden, Canada, France, Netherlands, Switzerland, China and Australia. It's not that I'm such a statistics freak but every now and then I'd like to know how things are going.

In the meanwhile the Islay Info Website gets bigger and bigger and this morning I noticed that the Blog is now in its 8th year. Recently the new walks section was added to the site with over 15 walks for families and last weekend I've added another three new pages to the website, one for the Cyber Cafe and Bistro. The other two pages have a focus on families and for a good reason. In talks with friends and others on Islay, and from my own experience, I noticed that Islay is often referred to as a Whisky Island, which makes sense with eight distilleries, but Islay is also a great destination for families. Many of the readers who have been to Islay will know that already but I also receive emails from people asking me if they can bring their wife and kids to Islay, they want to know if Islay is a good destination for a family holiday, and yes it is, it's great and I know from my own experience. That is why I created a new page on the website titled "Family Time" with useful tips and general info. There is another new page for the Toy Library and Kirsten just told me that she will send me a list with activities for kids this summer which I will post on the blog. Let's hope this will convince people to choose for Islay if they are planning their summer holiday, I can't think of another island in Scotland with so many activities for families in a relatively small area.

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