Islay Info Facebook Profile Updated

I know, this is not exactly breaking news and I'm sure some of you can't really be bothered, but yesterday Mark Zuckerberg announced a change in the layout and the options of Facebook, and it is quite a drastic change I might add. The biggest change is, or will become, visible on your profile page which now shows a "timeline" and it goes back all the way to the day you were born, or better the day you started to use Facebook for the first time. The timeline, divided in a left and right column, makes it easy to scroll down and view posts from months and years ago. This data was usually more or less hidden or hardly accessible to say the least. Now you can scroll down and automatically the years, months and days unfold and show you what you and your friends have posted through the the years. For instance, I can now see that in 2010 I had 2300 Facebook friends, today there are 4,824 friends! In my opinion the new Timeline is one of the coolest features of the new Facebook. Another interesting feature of the new timeline view of your profile page is that you can add a big image to the top of your timeline to show what you or your page is all about. Continue reading....

Facebook also added a "Ticker" at the top right hand side of the homepage, which provides a real-time Twitter-like stream of status updates from all your friends. In this stream you can not only see the status updates but, because the music service Spotify is integrated with Facebook, you can also listen to the same music your friends are listening to. Doing so you can discover a lot of new music and this will also be possible for video and/or tv.

The Timeline and Ticker are just a few of the many updates which will become available in the following weeks. Because I found a nice "trick" I was able to implement the new changes on my Islay Facebook account before Facebook will actually roll out the updates to the public. If you like you can have a look at the new timeline by logging in to your Facebook account and go to If the new Facebook Timeline is not your thing and you want to look for an alternative, why not sign-up for Google Plus, this is where I post a lot of Islay stuff as well. You can find me at See you soon!

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