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Robin Currie, Development Officer of Iomairt Chille Chomain, told the Ileach: 'I am delighted that we have been awarded money from Argyll and Bute Council and the Leader Programme, to help stage events to celebrate Scotland’s Homecoming 2009. I very much want our programme of musical events to be set by the community, and to be for the enjoyment of the community and our visitors, and therefore encourage anyone with any ideas on which performers we should bring to the island to get in touch with me as soon as possible.'

Iomairt Chille Chomain, which is the community company at Port Mòr, will have two main weekend musical events in addition to the choirs and Pipe Band in Bowmore Hall. The West Highland Music weekend will run from 7th – 9th August and the Traditional Music Weekend will run from the 18th -20th September. Robin added, 'In addition to these events we will have individual nights throughout the year featuring well known popular Scottish Bands and performers. Our programme plus all the other exciting regular activities that happen on the island, will make Islay a 'must visit place' in this year of Homecoming 2009' If you want to be kept updated on what is happening visit

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Susan Campbell

Thursday, 05 March 2009
I find it rather upsetting that one of Robin Currie's first thoughts on the Homecoming 2009 celebrations funding is reported to be 'what musical groups can be brought in to Islay' for the events'. This, in an island bursting with musical talent!
I thought that the whole point of the Homecoming would be the celebration of locality, not who could be brought in to entertain; presumably because musicians from 'away' are thought to be better/more 'professional'/just MORE. Come on, wake up to what is on your doorstep!! For starters, do you know how many National Mod Gold Medallists live and sing in Islay ?