Islay Energy Trust News

There's a lot going on at the Islay Energy Trust (IET), which is excellent news for our environment. Earlier I published an article which appeared in the Ileach about the giant underwater turbines which are currently being built and tested in Orkney. Andy MacDonald, Tidal Energy Project Officer, wrote to me in an email "if the testing in Orkney goes well then we would manufacture the ten for Islay in 2012/2013 and install in the Sound of Islay late 2013." Andy also sent me another image, included in this post, which shows the sheer size of these turbines.

Islay energy Trust is organising Renewables Day 2012, which will build on the success of previous years with a range of micro-renewables experts and suppliers giving presentations and available for consultations. Mark Bowmore Hall on the 28th of January (that's tomorrow!) in your diary. You can find more information on the IET Website

Finally, as some of the other renewable projects are developing well (wind at Castlehill and hydro at Dunlossit) the IET are looking at setting up a cooperative that people could invest in to help raise capital. They have recently launched a survey to see what interest there is.

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