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Energy Trust Meeting on Tidal Energy: Members of the Islay Energy Trust (IET) will shortly be receiving the Chairman’s Report for 2007. In summary, the Report states that despite some disappointing results e.g. the loss of the biomass grant and the airports' objection to the Port Ellen wind turbine location, the year has seen useful lessons learnt and valuable groundwork being undertaken for two future projects.


Firstly, the wind turbine site screening exercise has seen 16 potential locations reduced to a short list of 3 after a ranking exercise which took into account airport constraints, landowners permission, proximity to electricity grid, environmental and landscaping concerns etc. Potential hurdles remain however, and it is possible that no one site will emerge as being suitable for development. The short list is going through a second round of scrutiny from the airports, SNH and the planners. An update will be given at the AGM.

Secondly, IET, in collaboration with The Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen (RGU), is proposing to lead the development of Scotland’s first commercial tidal energy project, comprising installations in the Sound of Islay. IET's Chairman, Philip Maxwell said "It is estimated that marine energy could comprise around one-third of Scotland's renewable energy resources; in particular, the seas around the Isle of Islay hold significant potential. IET wishes to ensure that exploitation of this key local resource yields substantial and sustainable benefits to the Islay community in the long term." Dr Alan Owen of RGU will give a presentation on Tidal Energy in the Sound of Islay at the public meeting which follows IET’s AGM on 2nd April.

Very interesting and promising developments for Islay. The IET also have a new website with more (background) information, including a discussion board where everyone can sign up and join discussions about sustainable energy on Islay.

The Sound of Islay, possible location for tidal energy?

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