Islay DVD Movie by Gordon Yates

Early November last year I wrote about Gordon Yates, who is a wildlife photographer and spends a lot of time on Islay. Gordon has some amazing wildlife pictures on his website and today Gordon presented his Islay DVD movie called ?The Wildlife Gems of Islay?. A quote from Gordon's website:

In the last two years I have spent nearly half a year on Islay incorporating all the seasons and amassing fifty four hours of material. It has been a ruthless task to reduce this to one hour but the finished product now portrays a good insight as to what Islay has to offer.

Gordon has a preview of the movie on his website, quicktime required, which looks very promising. In this preview you will see footage of a Golden Eagle, the rare chough, the Marsh fritillary butterfly, you will hear the typical creek creek sound of the corncrake and see lovely views of the snowdrops in the Bridgend woods. Gordon sells this DVD for ?15 plus postage and packaging. Orders can be made on the order page on his website. I know I will order my copy today and I can't wait for the DVD to arrive!

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