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Islay Drone Photos

A few weeks ago I wrote on Twitter "We are taking our photography to a higher level with our new Drone" and I included a few photo's of Port Charlotte from around hundred metres up in the sky. It marked the start of an extra service we are offering to everyone on Islay: Islay Drone Photography. By flying a drone and taking photographs or video from higher up in the sky we are opening up a completely new way of capturing Islay's beauty.

Personally I think it's everyone's dream to be able to fly and to look at the area you live in from an elevated position. That's why we like satellite imagery and Google Earth so much. Admiring views from higher up is one of the reasons why we climb mountains and with a drone you can literally create your "own mountain" anywhere and look down below to take in these breathtaking views. Continue reading....

Since April I have been flying our new drone, a professional one with a 20 megapixels high res camera, over various places on Islay. The results so far are simply stunning and I'm rather blown away by the beauty and clarity of these photos. It's far better than I had ever anticipated as you can see in the photo below.

Bowmore Harbour and Leisure Centre

So What are Our Plans?

From today onwards we will be offering Islay Drone Photography to everyone on Islay. We think it's a great addition to our existing photography. Especially for businesses such as accommodation providers and distilleries it can be a great selling point to include aerial photography or videos on their website or in presentations. It can also be great to have a printed high res aerial photo of your business, house or village on one of your walls. And the good thing is that we do bespoke drone flights. You tell us what you want and we do the flying and photographing for you. If you're interested in having your business, home or area photographed please get in touch through our Island Light Photography website by using the Contact Form. We can arrange high res digital files and prints, both mounted and framed, and we can provide video too. We look forward to hearing from you!

Here is the first series of Islay Drone Photos in our Gallery

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