Islay Dramatic Light Pictures

Tonight I have nine beautiful images on offer, sent to me by a special friend on Islay, Teresa Morris of Islay Wildscapes. The images were taken yesterday, near Killinallan and Saligo, when the first storm of the season passed the west of Scotland. The light was beautiful and dramatic at times yesterday as you can see for yourself in some of the images. The last image is a special one, it shows one of the few snow buntings currently on Islay and this one was pictured near Killinallan.

Dunes at Killinallan Point

Killinallan Point

Rainbow at Killinallan Point

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Killinallan Farm

Lone Tree near Killinallan Point

Breakers at Saligo Bay

Foam on the waves at Saligo Bay

Sanaig seen from Killinallan

Snow Bunting near Killinallan

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