Islay TV New Video - French Islay Documentary

Although a bit hidden away in a previous post about the eight new Islay websites, I am very happy with the new Islay video website,, and I hope you share my enthusiasm a bit. Besides the reasons given earlier the new site provides me with an opportunity to upload videos with an unlimited length, something for instance Youtube doesn't offer. Perhaps you remember the post from September 2008 where I mentioned a French Islay documentary for the first time. This documentary is made in the winter of 2007 by a French tv crew. They followed Jeremy Hastings and Donald James MacPhee, head gamekeeper of Dunlossit Estate, during their day to day lives on Islay. A truly wonderful documentary with stunning Islay images which received a lot of positive responses from many readers. Back then I posted around ten minutes, the going limit at Youtube, but now there are 42 minutes more. So here you go, 52 minutes of excellent Islay views, French spoken but great nevertheless.

Tag: video documentary