Islay Diving Videos by Badlads Diving

I found a nice surprise in my mailbox this morning and it contained a link to a video of a diving group called badlads diving. This video shows a boat trip from Portnahaven, passing the Frenchman's rocks, to Kilchiaran Bay, the place where they had setup their base camp and from where they obviously made their diving trips. This video, which has great music to it, is not the only one they made on Islay. Later on I found out that there are even more video's and I learned that they were diving to the wreck of the Otranto and I decided to include two of their videos below. The first one shows the trip to Kilchiaran Bay and the second video shows the actual dive where you can see some wrecked parts of the Otranto in between the Kelp forests. Both videos are very entertaining and there are two more videos of Islay available from this link. There is a fascinating account on Islay Info about the Otranto disaster where you will find lots more information about the shipwrecks around Islay as well as the location of the Otranto. For now enjoy the videos, they are great!

Video1: Portnahaven to Kilchiaran passing Frenchmen's Rocks.

Video 2: Islay Dive for the Otranto

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