Islay Whisky Distillery Prints by Jane Taylor

Jane Taylor contacted me earlier this week and sent me a link to her new website which has some fascinating prints of Islay's whisky distilleries. Not your usual paintings/prints from a real scene, these prints show a unique collection of the character of each of the distilleries, an interesting and really nice and colourful approach if you ask me.

Jane said: "I find Islay an endless source of inspiration for creating a variety of artwork and are usually drawn to the natural beauty of the landscape and the sea, but have become interested in each of Islay's uniquely different distilleries - each producing a world class whisky.

"Just as each whisky has its own individual taste and aromas so the distilleries buildings themselves differ in scale, shape and form. I really like the pagoda vented tops to the steeply pitched pyramidal roofs, the white washed seafront warehouses with the distillery's name in enormous lettering painted on the side only to be viewed from the sea. The distilleries are set in some of the most beautiful areas of Islay."

Jane Taylor lives and works on Islay. These prints are from her original acrylic paintings and can be viewed individually and bought online via her new website

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