Islay and Jura Distillery Tour Leaflet 2011

The new Distillery Tour Times Leaflet for 2011 is available for download. The leaflet consists of two pages and provides information about the Jura and Islay Malt Whisky distilleries opening hours, the tour times, the tours, phone and fax numbers, email addresses and other important information. It is therefore essential to take a copy with you when you visit Islay and/or Jura. This leaflet is also available in the Tourist Information office and other places as well as for download on the Islay mobile website.

This year it's even more important to have a copy at hand since the various options for tours and the times in which you can participate have changed dramatically for some distilleries compared to last year. Most distilleries now offer several different specialised tours, varying from £5 to £40 per person. These tours can be booked in advance both for groups and individuals. There are also distilleries that offer "Tastings only". One word of advice though, book your tour in advance to prevent disappointment!

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