Islay Desktop Calendar 2010

In 2008 I started for the first time with a desktop calendar and after an absence of one year, I didn't make one in 2009, some people emailed me lately to ask when the new desktop calendar for 2010 would be ready. Now that was reason enough for me to start up Photoshop and start working on it. I'm happy to announce that I have a new Islay desktop calendar ready for 2010 with twelve beautiful images for just as many months. I also created a one page year calendar with one image showing the months, this one is ready to print and you can hang it on your wall, that is if you think it is good enough!

It wasn't easy to pick the right images to go with the seasons of the respective months but I think I've managed reasonably well. To start off with January, there is an image of a huge snow shower over the Rhinns that left 5cm of snow, which was gone in less than an hour by the way. February shows the blooming snow drops in the woods at Bridgend. March has an image of the low road from Port Ellen to Bowmore and April shows the area north of Sanaigmore Bay, one of my favourite images. In May you can see the abundant bloom of the blue bells again in Bridgend and June shows a summerly view of Port Charlotte seen from the pier. July has an image of the Lagavulin distillery with a perfect blue sky as backdrop and August has a lovely sunset at Portnahaven, the best place in my opinion to watch a sunset on Islay. September shows Machir Bay with the setting sun shining on the dunes and October shows a beautiful sunrise over Loch Indaal. November and the geese are visible near Loch Gruinart. December, snow on the hills, and a lone stag crosses the lower grounds near the Glen Road.

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