Daily News from Islay, Argyll and Scotland

It's hard to stay up to date with everything that's happening in the world and in the area we live in. There are so many news (re)sources nowadays. In the old days we had a radio, maybe a television, and a newspaper which delivered us the news. Nowadays we still have the traditional news sources but with the arrival of the internet, computers and smartphones we can read more news than ever, at any moment of the day and night, anywhere we like. Sometimes though it can be a bit too time consuming to follow various online news sources such as Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, news websites etc.

That's the reason why intelligent solutions are being invented to aggregate news into a single system which makes it easier for the "digital news consumer" to get their daily fix. Paper.li is such a company. They started around five years ago to combine a large number of customisable internet news sources and used them to create an attractive "Daily Newspaper". It turned out to be a handy thing which could actually save time if used properly. Shortly after their start I signed up with them and the Islay Daily Newspaper was born. Almost 50,000 readers have visited it since and hundreds signed up. Over the years several interesting options were added and I recently took the plunge and signed up for a "PRO version". This gives me more control over the content and I was able to assign my own domain name to the paper. Continue reading....

Starting this week the Islay Daily Newspaper can be found via www.islay-daily-news.co.uk. The content is based on a large number of websites, twitter feeds and other regional and national news sources. The focus is of course on Islay but regional and national news will be included as well. The content of the website can be curated by myself as the algorithm doesn't always pick-up the proper articles or includes unwanted or irrelevant articles inside the paper. The result is an attractive website packed with news articles from various sources. Especially for those living outside of the UK, but also for locals, it can be a valuable resource of (mostly local and regional) information, especially combined with an Ileach subscription.

The paper will be updated every afternoon around 5pm local time and there is a free subscription service too if you'd like to get a notification in your mailbox when the latest issue is out. Followers on Facebook and Twitter will also receive a notification. Have fun reading @ www.islay-daily-news.co.uk

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