Islay Cycling in the News

For someone who is crazy about cycling I spend only little time writing about it. Fortunately every now and then Islay cycling pops up in the news here and there, mostly by the hand of brian palmer and Jeremy Hastings, and the latter was reponsible for a mention today in an article on the Scottish Cycling website. Earlier in the year Scottish Cycling held the inaugural Volunteer and Coaching Conference at the Stirling Management Centre. The conference attracted more than 100 volunteers from all over Scotland and apparently Jeremy Hastings was one of them.

Port Mor Wheelers

Today was announced that "Scottish Cycling have put Jeremy (Jez) Hastings in the spotlight, a volunteer from Port Charlotte Islay where he is a member of the Port Mor Wheelers Cycling Club. Jez has been involved in cycling for 35 years and as a volunteer he has performed a number of roles which have included coaching, leading rides, trail building and trail leading. Jez enjoys volunteering as it is something genuine which enables him to give something back to the sport and ‘wee’ communities like his on the Isle of Islay depend on volunteers to get a lot of things done. 2010 has been a brilliant year for Jez as he has seen his club grow to now have 30 kids all mad for cycling where he hopes in the future to raise funds to take a handful of kids to do the SCX events in 2010/2011." It's great that Jez receives recognition for the many hours he spends on the Port Mor Wheelers Cycling Club and perhaps it's good to mention that Jez is assisted by brian palmer, the brains behind the Ride of the Falling Rain, and another enthusiast member and volunteer of the Port Mor Wheelers.

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