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The good news is that there will be another Ride of the Falling Rain in 2009, more good news is that it is nominated by forArgyll in the category best event in Argyll. The bad news is that rain can not be guaranteed, sorry for that, hope you don't mind! Last week brian sent out a newsletter with news about the next Ride. To support him I hereby quote the contents of the newsletter. If you are interested in receiving this newsletter yourself you can sign up at the url given below:

The 2009 edition of the ride of the falling rain will take place on sunday 2nd august, leaving as ever, from Debbie's cafe in Bruichladdich (see the current issue of cycling plus). The route remains unchanged but direction has been slightly altered. Since the last thing most of us want to do when returning to Deb's in the afternoon is head down to Port Charlotte before tackling the 14 percent climb at Kilchiaran, we've decided we'll do that first, and get it out of the way while we're all still fresh and fighting fit (aren't we?). when we get to Portnahaven, we head straight back up the main road to Bridgend and carry on as normal, completing the Loch Gorm circuit on the way back to Debbie's. This means that the apres Ardbeg ride will only encounter the hill at Storakaig, and it's downhill from there on in. Yet again we will hold a get together in the Port Mor centre, Port Charlotte after it proved more than popular this year.

In order to keep the level of organisation to an absolute minimum (because we're lazy when not on our bikes), the ride of the falling rain is not a sportive in the true sense of the description. In order that we don't hit the heavy wall of risk assessments, health and safety, event insurance etc, basically the resident peloton of velo club d'ardbeg will be going for a century ride on sunday 2nd august, and we're inviting you to join us. And while we have generally encouraged participants to raise sponsorship for the bBraveheart fund in past years, after consultation, we have decided to make this process a bit easier: for 2009 we are suggesting that every participant send a donation of five pounds each when returning their 'evening meal acceptance form'. this will not be compulsory - if you do not wish to contribute in this way, that's perfectly ok by us.

The acceptance form, latest information and email address to sign up for brian's newsletter are available from the website Information on cycling in general and Islay cycling in particular can be found on brian's popular, also a nominee for an forArgyll award in the category best blog.

Some, or most, of the members from the Velo Club d'Ardbeg after the Mince Pie Ride November 2008

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