Co-op Bowmore Delivery Times

If you've been to Islay already and did your groceries at the Co-op in Bowmore you might have discovered that it's sometimes difficult to determine the right moment to do your shopping. When you're too late, the prepacked bread is sold out, when you're too early it's not there yet. Carole from the Co-op sent me an email a while back and wrote down what is delivered when. I think this is a very useful list to (try and) remember and to take with you when you come to Islay and shop at the Co-op.

Carole: I work in the Co-op in Bowmore and find that tourists are often disappointed at the lack of bread or fresh produce when they come in before going off on their travels for the day. I thought it might be helpful if they understood when and how things are delivered.

Prepacked bread ie. Hovis, Warburtons etc. is delivered (weather permitting) on a Monday, Wednesday & Friday and is usually on the shelves by 10.30-10.45am. Fresh grocery produce such as fruit and veg is delivered daily(except Sunday), on a Monday it should be available from 9am (assuming Mundells deliver on time!) but every other day it is not usually on the shelves until approximately 1pm. The in-store bakery has bread, cakes, rolls and hot savoury slices available from 8am. I hope this may help visitors so they can plan when to shop.

Thanks Carole, I'm sure a lot of visitors will find this very helpful!

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