Islay Children’s Success at National Mod

As a follow up on yesterday's post about the results of the National Mod in Oban I now have a full list of winners, all from Islay's youth. The results of the adults will follow soon. The list is much longer than the one I published which means that a. I do have a problem finding the results on the National Mod website and b. I have to thank Susan Campbell for the following extensive list.

Children’s competitions for Gaelic Learners were held on Monday 12th October, and the Islay youngsters had some outstanding successes, with Port Ellen Primary School coming first and Bowmore Primary placed second in the Choral Puirt-a-beul for Learners Under 13. Also, Coisir Og Ghaidhlig Ile were placed second in Choral Unison Learners under 19 in one of their first public performances! Islay Winners (up to Monday evening, 12th October) were:
Choral Unison rural Primary: 3rd Port Ellen School Gaelic choir
Duet Learners Under 13: 1st Hannah Gillies & Laura Woodrow, Bowmore, 3rd Natalie Dunn & Zoe Wells, Bowmore
Folk Group Under 13: 2nd Bowmore Primary School
Poetry Recitation Learner 11-12: 1st Andrew MacNeill, Bowmore
Poetry Recitation Learner 7-8: 2nd Kayla Woodrow, Bowmore, 3rd Ryan Johnston, Bowmore
Poetry Recitation 9-10: 2nd Rhianna Hayes,Bowmore 3rd Laura Woodrow, Bowmore
Silver Medal Learners 13-15 Boys: 2nd Ruaraidh Mackinnon, Ard Sgoil Ile, 3rd Alasdair Currie, Ard Sgoil Ile
Solo Singing Learner 7-8: Isobel Ferguson, Keills Primary

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