Islay Cattle and Sheep

What started off as a wee page on the Islayinfo Website with five pictures, ended up as two full pages packed with information, a lot more pictures and even a video. One of the things people like about Islay is the variety of farm animals all over the island. No matter where you go or how you travel, they are everywhere, even on the main roads and I have even seen them taking a bath in the sea. The original page has been split-up in two sections. The first part, Islay Farm Animals History, describes the history of farming, the cattle drovers, Highland cattle, Border Collies, Hebridean Sheep, Blackface Sheep and Highland Ponies.

The second page, Islay Farm Animals Present Day, describes the period starting in the 18th century until present time. There you can learn more about cattle such as Aberdeen Angus, Beef Shorthorn, Ayrshire and Holstein Dairy Cows and Limousin cattle. Furthermore there's information and pictures about the Clydesdale horse and modern sheep breeds such as Cheviot, Scotch Mules and Texel. Susan Campbell was kind enough to help me with the research for these pages, for which I'm very gratefull. I hope these pages will help everyone to better identify, and appreciate, the various farm animals on the island. To get you in the mood I have created a video on youtube with some of the farm animals you are likely to meet on Islay!

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