Bowmore 360 Panorama from the Top of Bowmore Church

It's Bowmore Panorama Picture Day. Brian picked himself a nice day early October when he visited the Bowmore Round Church and was given the opportunity to take pictures from the top of the Round Church steeple. At the time he wasn't taking his pictures with the intention to create a panorama picture. When he sent me the 32 images this afternoon to use on my website I tried my luck and made an attempt to create a panorama image. Somehow the software accepted the different images and various angles and the result, after some creative photoshopping, was a 360 degree panorama image of Bowmore.

Bowmore 360 Panorama (click image for the full view)

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The images I used, taken by brian palmer, are uploaded as well and can be seen individually in the blog's media gallery. It's an interesting collection and shows the surrounding area and village of Bowmore from an unusual viewpoint.

View from the Round Church looking south-west

The second panorama image was taken from the square, showing Main Street from the harbour all the way up to the round church. This image was taken in October 2008 and already things have changed if you compare it with another panorama image which I took in May 2007.

Bowmore Main Street (click image for the full view)

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